How to do Twitter Lists

You have created your account in Twitter and started to follow interesting people, retweeting news, mentioning friends on your conversation and shared a lot of website links for your followers. As more users are focused with their online daily activities, this is the best time to organize your Twitter and discover valuable information online.

What is a Twitter List? It is a drop down menu on your Twitter page that you can easily visit the user's profile and add them on your desired list to collate all contents that you think shared the same interests with you. Through Twitter List, it lessens your time to check all your friends if they are retweeting the same contents every now and then. Monitoring the filtered list can be time saving and you'll able to check and engage with the conversation without being left behind on the topic. In fact, you don't need to add these people as your followers instead you can able to read their tweets without seeing them on your timeline. Through Twitter List, you can recommend several topics to your readers. You can also start providing them a list of Twitter users who continuously sharing valuable information.


Now that you have a full understanding of the importance of Twitter Lists. How it is helpful and the easiest way to create your own valuable resources online, the next thing to do is how to get listed by other users. There are several Twitter apps that allows you to generate a full listing of the topics you would want to get listed. One good example is Twibes. To begin with, check on the active Twibes on the website and simply search for topics on the search box or start with a new twitter group. Members who logged in to Twibe can actually see your list and recent activity, a greater chance of getting listed on the existing topics. While Listorious is more like of a search bar that allows you to enter the keywords and it will generate the list of your searches together with the people who also have mentioned your topic on the conversation.

Learning valuable techniques is easy to apply once you get the crowd's attention. For you to be able to gather a wider audience, it is better if these people will follow you back. Don't forget that your common goal is to draw them back to your website and build traffic.

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