Mikey Bustos, Mang Juan and the Bloggers meet up

Youtube has been very popular nowadays because it brings total entertainment to the netizens. You can watch music videos, shows, and self-made tutorials which Mikey Bustos received numerous praises on his Pinoy Tutorials that went viral earning thousand of hits.

One of my favorite episode is when he taught netizens on Filipino traditions on table manners and balut eating.

Now he's home. Mikey Bustos is excited to meet his fellow kababayans on the streets, malls, radio and on television shows. Last week, Bloggers had a chance to meet the Mang Juan's Chicharon product ambassador. He's simple, funny, down to earth guy. You can feel the momentum of excitement when he performed and shared some of his memorable experiences during Christmas and New Year season.

Despite being raised in a Western society, Mikey makes sure that he stays close to his Filipino roots and insists that he is a true Pinoy at heart.

Mikey possesses a strong and authentic Filipino identity?a rare attribute from someone born and bred abroad?having been brought up in a strictly traditional Filipino household.  “Me and my brother were raised in really old school traditions,” he reveals.  Mikey even has the Pinoy accent down, which is something he thanks his mom for.

“A product like Chicharron ni Mang Juan calls for an endorser who is just as innovative and dynamic in his craft, but embodying the well-loved Filipino values that give life to our country and culture,” says Teree Eugenio, Marketing VP of URC Snack Foods.

Made of dehydrated green peas but with the look and taste of real fried pork rinds sans the cholesterol, the snack comes in exciting flavors that are uniquely Pinoy—Espesyal Sukang Paombong, Espesyal Suka’t Sili and Spicy Sisig. The answer to every Pinoy’s pursuit of chicharon with a kick, Chicharron ni Mang Juan is now available in grocery aisles and households nationwide.

“It has done all the dipping work for me,” Mikey exclaims.

Chicharron ni Mang Juan has truly found its perfect match in Mikey as they both embody that old school Pinoy quality with a modern twist. And just like Chicharron ni Mang Juan, Mikey Bustos’ brand of entertainment always leaves Pinoy fans wanting more.

The “no pork” chicharron, Chicharron ni Mang Juan is available in three exciting, uniquely Pinoy flavors—Espesyal Sukang Paombong, Espesyal Suka’t Sili and Spicy Sisig.


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