Coca-Cola Happiness Ambassadors: Enchong Dee, Julia Montes, Joseph Marco, Kathryn Bernardo

The new brand craze is coming to town! On its second time, witnessed the collaboration of Coca-Cola and Bench bringing the uniqueness and happiness through fashion! The official launch was the grandest party held at Trinoma Activity Center last Saturday, January 28. Those who were at home watched the show via and live feed updates at Facebook - and Twitter @Coke_PH.

Coca-Cola bares Big Birthday Blowout: New Coke-Bench Fashion

Want to make a refreshing fashion statement? Ready to unleash your inner style superstar? Well, it’s about time you set a brand new craze! How? With the new Coca-Cola Originals by Bench!
A trendy thank you gift by the Coca-Cola’s Happiness President in line with the brand’s centennial celebration in the Philippines, the power forces that brought us the much talked about Coca-Cola Smile Statement Shirts are once again teaming up to bring a complete, new line of hip, energizing fad for the new breed of Filipino teens and teens-at-heart.
In this second groundbreaking partnership, the world’s beloved icon of happiness, Coca-Cola, and the phenomenal proudly-Pinoy lifestyle brand, Bench, guarantee that the fashion domination will be much greater- a hundred times the excitement, a hundred times the fun! With these two pop icons in creative collaboration, the collection is a confident badge of Filipino youthfulness.
Of course, a partnership so epic could only bring nothing less than breakthrough surprises. First up is the much-awaited reveal of the new league of Coca-Cola’s happiness ambassadors in the name of four of the hottest teen idols of today: Enchong Dee, Julia Montes, Joseph Marco and Kathryn Bernardo. Together, they will lead the youth all over the nation to wear their bright hopes for the future and declare what makes them happy. “The Coca-Cola Originals by Bench is our generation’s way of making a remarkable statement. Wearing it affirms our choice to join Coca-Cola’s uber exciting 100th year celebration and to continue spreading happiness among others,” says Enchong.

Indeed, opening happiness wherever, whenever is fashionably much easier this time around as we’d all get to fash up with a full line co-branded apparel and merchandise collection. Imagine not only having the coolest, uniquely designed tees to flaunt around but also matching bags, key chains, caps and even tumblers! If that doesn’t excite you yet, you might also want to grab accessories of all kinds to pump up your style. And the best part is, they are all available at Bench stores nationwide the whole year round, starting February 1, 2012.


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With a bottle of our favorite Coca-Cola in hand, now all of us have the power to show our indestructible spirit through fashion and be happiness ambassadors, ourselves. As how chic star-on-the-rise Julia Montes says: “I want to wear it because it shows that I enjoy life to the fullest and that I’m a happy person. Every piece is just a daily reminder of how resilient and optimistic we are as a nation, just like every bottle of Coke. That’s why I love it.”

If you are a sucker for graphic tees, fashionable art or simply a fella who loves staying in style, the Coca-Cola Originals by Bench will suit you perfectly. More so if you are a big fan of Coca-Cola! Many of the iconic elements we’ve known for decades such as the Spencerian script, the contour bottle and bright red color patterns, have been fused with Bench’s youthful, dynamic vibe that Pinoys all over the country and the world have loved throughout the years. The result? Chic designs that stand out and exude that happy, uplifting energy; all you can wear wherever the party’s at or even at simple, fun hang-outs with the whole gang!

Of course, the experience would be always be much more complete when you got a refreshing bottle of Coke in hand as you work every runway in your school, barangay or across town, steal the scene and show everybody what you’ve got! Just make sure it’s ice-cold so you enjoy its delicious taste and unique fizz perfected over the last 100 years!

So, what are you waiting for? Are you going to start a refreshing trend with the new Coca-Cola Originals by Bench by Bench? Or are you going to be left out?


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