Comparing The Costs Of Online And Traditional Advertising: Brief Explanation

Before I introduce to you the new generation of advertising, let me first compare the costs of traditional and online advertising.

In the world of advertising, the traditional way (newspaper, yellow pages, etc.) of promoting products has long been considered as a stapler. However, with the advent of new media, such as the internet, it seems that these familiar forms of adverting is now slowly taking a backseat. But how does the old way compare with the new forms of advertising that are fast emerging nowadays?

Perhaps one of the most common things that are used to compare the two groups of advertising methods is the cost. After all, many companies often spend a large amount of their budget in advertising. And because of that, they often sought to find the more cost effective way of promoting their products.

Here, online advertising definitely has a clear advantage. For one, online advertising uses only a few resources. Whereas in traditional advertising, you will have to pay for the cost of printing, as well as as the distribution of of these advertisement materials, in the case of online advertising, this one is practically nil. Often, all you need to pay for here is web hosting, as well as a writer to come up with your ads.

Another reason why many are now turning to online advertising is because of its reach. The reach of traditional advertising methods, such as print ads and leaflets is often limited by the amount copies that can be produced for these. Thus, if you can pay for only as small amount of these, then you can expect to have only a small campaign. On the other hand, since the internet is pretty much much all over us, you have practically unlimited reach. And all of this for only a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

And this brings us to the longevity of your ads. In most cases when you advertise through traditional means, you often pay for only a fixed amount of time. In case you want to post an ad for a longer period of time, then you need to shell out more cash. In the case of the internet, your ads will be up practically up as long as your site is up.

However, while online advertising is indeed much cheaper than traditional advertising. It is still going to cost you. And with the growth of online advertising, the price has also gone up significantly. Thus, you can expect to still pay a pretty hefty amount for an online advertising campaign. Also, the traditional methods of advertising still have their own merits to be simply overlooked.


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