Sumosam Gilmore: Yokuzuna Bento

Bento is a common term for take out or home packed meal as described in Wikipedia. Common meal for the Japanese, the traditional bento consists of: rice, fish or meat or cooked vegetables. There were ready-made-bento boxes available on stores which are disposables or handcrafted 'lacquerware.'

I've been a great fan of bento. Everything you wanted to eat is present in one meal.

Featuring Sumosam's Yokuzuna Bento Boxes: This is only available at Gilmore branch.  Perfect for Lunch with your colleagues, enjoy these treat specially prepared by Sumosam Gilmore.

For details or inquiries about the bento (see poster below)

Matsuya Katsu Bento - P298

Osaka Tempura Bento - P438

Tsukiji Tonkatsu and Salmon Bento - P408


Chicken Teriyaki Bento - P308


Samurai's Choice - P488

Available from 11 am to 2 pm ONLY AT SUMOSAM GILMORE



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