OA Traffic in New York Street Cubao Quezon City @mmda

Yesterday morning on my way to Cubao I experienced a horrible traffic situation at New York Street in Cubao Quezon City.
I alight in the middle of the street because of this 'jammed; bumper-to-bumper' (buhol-buhol) vehicles, I got so irritated with the noise of horns hoping these vehicles to 'allow' them to pass.

Thinking of nobody is in charge of the traffic which the 'intersection' went totally blocked and the vehicles got sandwiched (both corners).

So I walked towards EDSA, took a snapshot of this corner and waited for a cab. Walang kooperasyon, ika nga. I hope MMDA or barangay officials on that area will saw this post. Please, do something.


-Traffic is really fun in the Philippines!



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