My SpongeBob's Yellow Party Experience

It was my first time to see the whole gang onstage! The weather is unpredictable but the kids loved playing at the Bonifacio Global City Open Field in Taguig last May 5, Saturday.

The Yellow Party is organized by Nickelodeon, the program started with an opening number together with SpongeBob, Patrick Star and Squidwar Tentacles. There were activity booths, giant slides, themed games and of course our favorite - food stalls! :)

SpongeBob’s Yellow Party, was presented by Koala’s March and Toy Kingdom, and co-sponsored by Ace WaterSpa, Barbie, Goody Gulp Choco Milk Drink by SpongeBob SquarePants, Johnson & Johnson’s Play Days, Mega Bloks, Selecta, and Sketchers Kids.

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 Here are my photos taken at the event 

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