A Blogger's Wheatgrass Testimonial

I gave out Wheatgrass samples to my friend, Jeff of www.jeffreylimbauan.com and now he's hooked on this healthy drink.

He emailed me his testimonial, and I hope everyone will also try any Wheatgrass products from Easy Pha-Max.

I’m 28 years old and I have digestive system problems that cause constipation and gastritis. I was prone to drinking liquor and soda because my friend s and colleagues are always inviting me into party or events after office hours. That’s why; I got these gastritis and constipation. I’ve take lot of medicine just to minimize heartburn and gastric spasm in my stomach. Aside from my Gastritis, I have constipation in which I have irregular bowel movement. Even I drink more than 10 glasses of water everyday and I ate fruits and vegetables as well, I’m still constipated.
This time, I switch my drinking habit into healthy one. When Easy Pha-max introduced me a certain product known as Skywheat Bio Soymilk, there’s a sudden change that I feel now. Everytime that I drink Bio Soymilk, I feel healthier everyday. I feel healthier in the sense that my digestive system is putting into normal. I feel 100% cleanse in my digestive system in which I feel so good and having a regular bowel movement now. Through the detoxifying content of Bio Soymilk, since I drank Bio soymilk my Gastritis is not attacking anymore.

Bio Soy Milk is the great-tasting soya milk that uses natural oligosaccharides and wheatgrass extracted by utilizing the latest equipment in biotechnology. As I’ve shown you my experience with this ultimate product, this is the real fact that the content of this product is really effective. Through natural oligosaccharides that enhances the growth of good bacteria, Bifidobacterium and Lactobacilus that helps minimizes intestinal problems. This time, everytime that I go shopping, Easy Pha-max products especially this SkyWheat Bio Soymilk is always in my list to buy.

--Jeffrey Limbauan, 28 years old. Digital Marketing Specialist.

To order visit http://www.wheatgrasscan.com/



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