Smart Parenting 101: Improving your child's eating habits

Children are always picky when it comes to food. As they grow up, their taste buds become so sensitive and avoiding nutritious foods and preferred the salty ones. I've read several tips online and collated all ideas on how you can improve your child's eating habits, encouraging to eat healthy and tasty foods:

Don't Skip Meals. Kids are tend to be more playful, so make sure that you've prepared their meals before they play.
Most kids don't feel hungry, sometimes, parents force their kids to eat a meal.

In between meals and snacks. There will come a time that kids grab some foods on your table. Make sure to train them on how to follow the meal time schedule and when to eat snacks.

Entertainment vs Meal Times. Distractions like toys, gadgets and televisions create an exciting mood for your kids. Honestly, most kids would prefer them entertained. Contradicting right? But it's up to the parents on how they will manage their kid's meal time. For example, plan a picnic at your backyard so your kids would appreciate outdoor activities :)

Let them join you at the Kitchen or Supermarket. I love kids who helped their parents in preparing the meals at home or selecting which foods to buy at the supermarket. From this, they will able to learn which foods are good and important. Most of the times, kids would rather stayed at the 'snacks' area and grabbed their favorite 'junk foods' - let them choose (1) item and ask him/her also to pick up a fruit :) I know am not an expert but somehow let them try it once in a while.
Soda vs Health Drinks. You would argue with your children. They will demand for soda because they saw you taking it :) Instead, influence them on which is healthy and not. Grab once a while, and make sure you give him/her a healthy supplements like Whea-Gee from Easy Pha-Max.
Encouraging your family to healthy eating habits will boost your children's confidence. Thus, making them more proud by setting an example.



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