Smart Moms: Now Trending

Time has changed and children would also prefer smart moms who can understand them not just being their children but to be able to see their moms walking tall with them. There are moms go with the trends with the children, but other moms are being practical and strict.


  • is in charge of understanding the sudden changes of time and present situation

  • makes great choices, believes in her children, and shares with your day to day experiences

  • can control her emotions, easily forgives people and good in decision making

  • prefer to be grateful rather than worrying about their children's future

  • loves to celebrate with her family

  • teaches her children on how to care with other people and have fear with God

  • supports her children's self decision from the type of clothes, change of daily routine, and ambitions

  • easily responds to her children's need

  • is also humorous and funny but not by humiliation

  • gives freedom for her children to enjoy and teach them on how to become an independent individuals

  • her sense of touch heals us immediately, feeling we were nurtured, protected and revered.

Through the years, our moms would understand our daily needs and took care of some of our urgent needs. All the pressures were being handled by our moms and we were so blessed of having them as our moms.

This blog post is dedicated to all moms all over the world. Happy Mother's Day.

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