Cosplayers all out support for Myrtle at PBB Teen Edition

Nikka was evicted last night at the PBB House. Meanwhile, Myrtle has overflowing support from her Cosplay world. Her supporters even organized a 'support Myrtle meet up' outside the PBB House. With their placards saying "Let's save our Cosplay Princess!"...Full support for Myrtle and even reached more than 200,000 page likes on Facebook.

She comes from a good family in Iloilo and is currently an Accounting student at UP Visayas. Intelligent and fun-loving, she’s also a Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) President who can balance her academics and extra-curriculars quite well. According to her family and friends, Myrtle is a breath of fresh air - kind and sweet to everyone around her. Joining PBB was something her parents didn’t support at first. Being a responsible lady, her parents were convinced when their daughter promised them that she will not let anything get in the way of her studies.

Looking like Erich Gonzales, male celebrities have been vocal about their admiration for Myrtle’s morena beauty and wish to meet her after her PBB stint. A lot are still hoping that she remains to be in the PBB House.

Honestly, I got irritated watching the first week of PBB Teen Edition because these young people don't have sense of direction. Talking senselessly about their feelings, crushes, and flirting moments. I rarely heard good conversations about their lives, ambitions, and topics to debate. They were even reprimanded by Big Brother because of the 'flirting incident' hahaha.

Now, I feel very comfortable because they are now cooperating with the tasks assigned to them. I hope these kids will learn something not just being team up like a teleserye. LOL


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