Research said Americans Mostly Rely on their Car Entertainment System in Finding Food and Gas

Usually, GPS were simply used in finding directions but now, most Americans today use this awesome car entertainment system in finding foods and gas that are on their way. Americans use GPS as their advantage in finding for a perfect place to relax, eat, shop and play.

One of the largest navigation services providers for millions of subscribers through mobile phones, TeleNav showed data that unveiled exactly what people are looking for.

According to TeleNavs research that was conducted by its users in December, 2009, Walmart was generally the number one US business searched through GPS device.

Second to the most searched place via GPS is the number one coffee retailer, Starbucks. For the third and fourth place that was most preferred to search by Americans come the Best Buy while the Bank of America took the fifth place.

According to TeleNav’s co-founder and VP, products and marketing for TeleNav, Sal Dhanni, each month, their users are conducting millions of searches through the GPS navigation system. TeleNav’s data provided a very interesting look into particular locations that people over the country are often searching for while on the road.

When using mobile services, information are sent from the owner’s handset to computers where request for GPS are received, processed and sent back to the device. TeleNav and others are able to gain information about how its service is used because records of all its queries are stored. The company affirmed that the collected records remain unidentified.

Furthermore, when it comes to local businesses, TeleNav research gave an interesting understanding into other favorite habits of American drivers. For example, the research found out that Americans most searched food during travel is often pizza. Meanwhile, according to the “gas by price” function that TeleNav provides, Phoenix residents are the most economical when it comes to filing up their fuel tanks.

The TeleNav research further found out the need of Americans for a more comprehensive device which would specifically help them find places of local businesses like restaurants and gas stations than others. Also, TeleNav found out that most of the American who always use GPS for searches are the Los Angeles residents followed by the Dallas residents, specifically in Ft. Worth area, Texas, Chicago, Houston and Atlanta.

Although the state does not considered a big city as a GPS search hot spot, the date gathered by TeleNav revealed that residents of Maryland were the most eager user of the GPS system, utilizing the said car entertainment system for twice the number of national average trips per month. Moreover, the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, North Carolina and California also vastly relied on their car’s GPS devices.

Analysing the most recent data concludes that every time you use the said impressive car entertainment system, there are lot of other users on the other parts of the world that also rely on the same.

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