Extra Sweetness

Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey (oh no, why am singing this song)!

Friday is one of my most hectic days of the week because of weekend reporting  work related issues should have resolved before the week ends and so forth.


Since I arrived late this morning (am on a flexi schedule hehe) and last to leave the office, I decided to take a look on the new stores outside my office. I went to the mall and looking for unique items but I was really hungry so I landed on this place - Tous les Jours in Eastwood. I've been mentioning this store since this morning.


I was surprised that my neighbor is waiting outside the gate and I thought it's something really important -- she gave me this sweet cake with 'thank you' note. I remembered that I helped her daughter to complete her college requirements for scholarship :) Feel blessed with good people.




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