Women know best

This article talks about empowering women and this year's consumer trend that pictures different female consumer.

(Advertising Board of the Philippines)

The 10 Consumer Trends shaping 2012 pictures the rise of a different female consumer. In the study by top marketing communications firm JWT, women are found to be the most empowered they have ever been, exercising the right to choose their own path in life.

Filipino women figure predominantly in the local setting of JWT’s consumer trends. As 2012 comes to a close, we realize how deeply the power of decision-making and purchasing rest with wives, mothers, titas, lolas, daughters and girl friends. They have become “masters of omnipresent thrift” – a title many women acknowledge with Pinay pride.

[caption id="attachment_7156" align="aligncenter" width="448"]Rachelle Daquis aims for a spike as the girls from Ateneo try to block her. Rachelle Daquis aims for a spike as the girls from Ateneo try to block her.[/caption]

The Advertising Board of the Philippines (AdBoard) looks forward to 2013 and the future with hope that this consumer trend of 2012 would become a way of life for the industry. In it’s Code of Ethics, AdBoard urges the industry to develop “awareness and commitment to its social responsibilities, including the promotion of values”. One of its principles as an umbrella organization is to practice advertising with “social, economic and cultural responsibility to the community”, keeping in mind that “the advertiser’s interest should take into account community interest”.

The crucial role of women in the economy, and more importantly in the fabric of society, should never again fall into the background. It is the industry’s responsibility to further encourage the participation of women in business and social affairs.

Create shared value with women, because while the consumer is queen today, the industry – the whole country for that matter – would do well to uphold women and their capabilities. There are messages that speak directly to women, so marketing communications strategies could be made to be more relevant to the female sector.

Many products and services in the market may be focused on women, whether currently or in the past, but there are many differences between women of previous generations and the women of today. Highlight products and services which offer convenience and ease to the lives of the modern, working Filipina. Give them rewards for juggling many roles in their lives, from being a breadwinner to being a mother, friend or daughter.
Two notable endeavors that address the needs and aspirations of women in this time are Metrobank Femme Visa and Shakey’s V-League.

[caption id="attachment_7154" align="aligncenter" width="269"]The Femme-ICANSERVE Visa – the first co-branded credit card for breast cancer awareness. The Femme-ICANSERVE Visa – the first co-branded credit card for breast cancer awareness.[/caption]

Metrobank Femme is a credit card developed especially for women. It offers perks, rewards and privileges for its users to enjoy. Shakey’s V-League highlights women’s volleyball in Philippine sports. It began as an inter-collegiate tournament and has grown to include national and international teams. The acclaim for Shakey’s V-League as players compete each year inspires young women to participate in sports.

The AdBoard believes in empowering women as individuals and as decision-makers. The marketing communications industry is an influencer of ideals. In this capacity, the AdBoard encourages practitioners to listen to the voice of the Filipina consumer, and share in their challenges, hopes, dreams and successes.


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