Is this a SPAM Email? Or a Database was being sold (AGAIN) ???

I received this email this morning and I was thinking if this was a Spam Email or a database (leads) was being sold again that includes our details, tsk.

I know that there's nothing wrong if you would love to invite people to join your affiliation but the thing is, we didn't know you personally (the sender didn't include where he got our details or if we met in somewhere...)

I would appreciate if the sender sent out a notice first (an email introducing himself and asking a permission if he can send this kind of proposal), but it is obviously for promotions or something.

I should have ignored this message but I saw some people uploading the same email they have received on their timeline.

As a receiver of that email, I highly appreciate if the sender will reach out personally.State where did he get our information.  Take note that I only voiced out my opinion, and I don't want to create confusions or debates.




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