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For the first time this blog will using a 'tag-lish' (tagalog/Filipino and English), to make this post more natural and because I wanted to share my experience meeting our 'Bossing' ng bayan (mwah mwah tsup tsup) - Vic Sotto.

Enteng Kabisote, the family man we loved during Okay ka Fairy ko (a fantasy-comedy tv sitcom) has another adventure to share this year with Agimat (Bong Revilla), at si Ako (AKO is just an nickname portrayed by Ms Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo).

Being a TV host for Eat Bulaga for almost 30 years, our Bossing is also hosting several game shows in other network. I have been a loyal fan of Eat Bulaga eversince and seeing the entire 'dabarkadas' while having your lunch is very entertaining. We value our lunch moment for almost two hours, learning new things in the afternoon like 'Pinoy Henyo' and discovering new talents & performances.

Same with the noon time program, the movie shares good values about family and friends (love and social responsibility).


Since that was my first time to meet bossing face-to-face, I listened very attentively and noticed that everyone inside the venue is a huge follower of Enteng Kabisote (onscreen and television). Me and my brother (are really great fans of bossing), we make sure that we should have watch Enteng Kabsiote during MMFF. Kahit minsan di ko ma-gets yung joke, then, we laughed because of bossing's actions. There was a time that we also observed the crowd (kung paano sila tumatawa and pumapalakpak on some scenes), kaya box office - haba ng pila before you watch any Enteng Kabisote films.

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Up close and personal with Vic Sotto is such a rare chance. He answered some questions cheerfully, he even threw some practical jokes and the crowd laughed ... panalo ang every hirit ni Bossing Vic like "Lagi na lang tinatanong kung anong bago sa film, subukan nyo kayang itanong kung ano yung 'LUMA' ... (see, very funny!).

Why Enteng Kabisote is a sure hit top grosser film to watch? Bossing said, Ask yourself why. Tama nga naman. Why I watched his films? It's not just because it's entertaining but it's VIC SOTTO, himself is very comical and entertaining.

One thing that Vic hopes this MMFF? --- Gusto kong maging BEST ACTOR. Naman, kahit wag na kasi sa amin IKAW NA ANG THE BEST BOSSING!


Si Agimat, Si Enteng Kabisote at Ako is showing on December 25, 2012. An official entry to the 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival.


Vic also has a personal message to all of you. Here it is:


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