The 4th Philippine KPOP Convention @KpopConPh

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K-Pop increases its popularity around the globe and its style of music surfaces in different parts of America, Europe, and other Asian countries like Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines (and a lot more!). Korean artists have their own style of music & fashion, not only pop music, there are also rock, techno, R&B and jazz bringing different styles and collaboration which made K-Popmore popular.

I am not that really a full blooded K-Pop follower but I only knew few groups that are successful in their music career. For example 2NE1 (I love Sandy!), Shinwa, Big Bang, SS501, and Super Juniors- are just some of the 'popular' names that I remembered when we talk about Korean Music. While some of them made popular in the United States like Wondergirls (Nobody) and Psy (Gangnam Style) and Rain.

I was really surprised that technology nowadays are doing so well in providing the latest updates of your favorite overseas artists through forums, fan sites, blogs and news agencies. We are not speaking their language but its a good opportunity to open our minds to Korean culture. Likewise, the invasion of Koreanovelas in South East Asia opened its door to introduce their music to their neighbors.

Another way to reach out is organizing a K-Pop convention, wherein over 60 K-pop music fan clubs will gather in one day to showcase their favorite group / artists' music, collection, and uniting as one.

[caption id="attachment_7170" align="aligncenter" width="423"]Me with my Sisters at the 1st K-pop Con Me with my Sisters at the 1st K-pop Con[/caption]

As I've remembered, I attended the 1st Philippine K-Pop Convention at Starmall Alabang wayback in 2009 together with my friends and that was the start of our journey as Fan Girls supporting K-pop. Traveling from North-to-South and vice versa was really rewarding because we had fun meeting new and old friends.

Why am writing this on my blog? It doesn't mean I converted myself as a Kpop fan (but I am really supportive because of some friends who shared their resources and enlighten me on what's going on with their lives through music). I remembered it was in 2009 when me and my friend together with Triple S PH flew to Hong Kong to watch SS501 (the only K-pop group that I supported, waiting for them to reunite soon!), it was really memorable and I wasn't aware the this group has become one of the successful K-pop artists during those times until they went on hiatus :) Also to add that I have also watched some of the biggest K-Pop concerts in Manila (that's too many to mention,lol).

Going back to the Philippine K-Pop Convention, though I missed the last two events - I'll still try my very best to support this event.

To give you an overview, these are some of the events highlights and the reason why we should attend this one day convention:

1. No Ticket Selling is Available, this is because you will only pay a minimum donation of Php200 for you to enter the venue. The proceeds of this project will go to Gawad Kalinga and Paws. So, don't negotiate with the scammers outside the venue asking you to buy the tickets.

2. Meet two groups: F.Cuz and A.Cian (hmmm, I should research their music on Youtube later). There is also a meet and greet + signing event, so you have to buy their album to get a chance to meet them personally.

3. Fan Booths! - Yes, this is the best time to visit each booths and check on some Korean merchandise. There are also freebies so you have to come early to take home a lot of goodies. Some friends already invited me to visit their booths - See you!

4. There are special guests, performances and contests like K-Pop Dance Battle, K-Pop Singing Star, Look a like contest, Fashion Invasion and Blogger contest in Nuffnang.

5. I have read that Globe is giving away an iPhone5, hmmm, just check out Globe for details on how to join

6. More fun and excitement - I think we have to be there to describe the hype.
Don't forget to visit these awesome partners Globe, Standard Appliance, Pond's FB page, Basic House FB page and Liole

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See you there!




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