Organizing Reunions make easy through Social Media

Your Christmas activity is not complete without attending reunions (school colleagues, work mates, family and any organization you are affiliated with). For decades, invitations we being sent through snail mail or in the newspaper (for big time celebrations) and checking out these announcements through your friends or neighbors.

Today, confirming and knowing such kind of endeavor is easy. I'm glad that the Internet is here and people are maximizing its use to connect people (sounds like a mobile TVC, lol!). One of the best example is - Facebook, wherein you can track down all of your connections whether you attended the same school, work or having something in common. It's easier to organize and announce something by creating a separate Facebook Page or adding an 'Event' page and know who are the people interested in joining your party.

There were also several online tools to organize events or family gathering such as sending them e-vite, group email message, using a hashtag in all announcements, meetup apps, eventbrite and so forth. You can even get in touch to people who are miles away - thanks to Facetime, Vibe, Skype and all instant messaging platforms. Have you tried Google Hangout?

It's about time to pause for a while and meet people you love. All reunions I have attended so far were organized through Facebook and Twitter. It really saves my time and money because all information needed where posted instantly.

Happy Reunion!

PS: My December Calendar is jampacked with meet ups and reunions. I will try my best to meet all of you! :)



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