Wordpress users: How to Perform your site better

Sometimes, I am just very confident with my blog and lazy to work on some improvements on my site's design, code and content. My busy schedule didn't allow me to take extra time to fix it but always keep in mind that its also important to take a look at these errors and have time to improve it so that your site will encourage users and opportunities.

Back Up
How many times you back up your CSS? Before making adjustments or modifications, it is common to back up your template first.

Profiling, Widgets, Ownership
Try to search for certain topics and you will see in Google's Search result the author's Google + Profile, Twitter and other

Social Network Profile.
How to connect your Wordpress to Google? Use the Google Authorship Widget and enter your information, Google will recognize you as the owner of the content you have posted.

Overflowing categories, less tags
I am guilty of not having enough tags on each posts I have made because sometimes it's just a personal content and nothing much information was written. In any cases, make sure that you have properly categorized your blog posts and select refine tags.

Go Mobile
I haven't set up my blog for mobile (whew, too lazy huh!) but it is always important nowadays to integrate your website to mobile.

Permalinks made easy
It's up to you if you would like to end your post with (date) or (category/blog title), always make sure that you have properly categorized your blog posts. If you have edit your permalink structure, make sure that it is simple, clean and keyword rich.

Well, these are just simple tips compiled by Copyblogger. And, hoping to share more about Wordpress Optimization.



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