And my favorite TV Station is - ABS-CBN! #NCA2012 #NetizensChoiceAwards #BloggersChoice

Watching TV is one of the most affordable thing to do, specially if you've have spare time waiting for your favorite shows or any television series featuring your favorite actors. A great thing if you switch on the TV and enjoyed or pause for a while and return to your work. Hmmm, I managed to switch on my TV during downtime before I focus on my work like blogging.

So, what's the best tv station for you? I have my own standards when it comes to any television shows, any shows that catches my attention and has a compelling story (I'm a teleserye addict!) and I loved to watch any documentaries or news program to keep me updated on what's happening in the real world. There were shows that captured my attention like "A Beautiful Affair" (I'm a John Lloyd-Bea fanatic eversince!).

Any shows that will feel me better when I am stressed out with work, a perfect example is It's Showtime (a noon time program) and Going Bulilit (a Sunday afternoon comedy program for kids). Laughing is really good for our health, and finding a show like this will wipe our bad days.

There were also some shows that inspires me to become a better person or learning something uplifting like any documentary programs like Krusada, Matanglawin, Patrol ng Pilipino and some of news program segments.

There are many different reasons why we love watching television. Some are just vary with our own opinion but considering some other people's choice of programs, actors, and concepts - I believe that we have the same ideas and thoughts when it comes to choosing a right program that will entertain us during our free time.

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