Educational Filipino Made App for Children - Maddie and Matt Happy Earth

A mobile app is designed to connect your smartphones / tablet devices that you can download or access its program that can you use or install online like games, social media apps, photo sharing and many others.

Some developed apps allow you to download for free or with subscription charge to upgrade with more features.
So what's the use of these apps in our day-to-day lives? These apps are great tool specially if you would like to get juicy information online or entertain you. I have several game apps installed on my Samsung Galaxy Y, and it really helps me to ease the boredom while waiting for shuttle service going home. Also, there were apps developed to control your appliances at home like TV, Refrigerators and Cable Boxes.


Some apps also are educational. There were a lot of kiddie apps that suitable for your children. It can be a storybook or interactive type wherein you and your child will enjoy. One good example is, Maddie and Matt Happy Earth app developed by AppLabs Digital Studios Inc and Kid Apps Inc.

It has an interactive book that has live objects and trivia game that you and your child can discover and learn more about various environmental issues and solutions.

Through this app, Maddie and Matt Happy Earth can raise children's awareness of the current problems plaguing our planet.

There were also mini games available when you downloaded the app like Segre Game, Spot the Difference and Create your own Happy Earth. These mini games are very informative to train your child on how to sort biodegradable to non-biodegradable; and styling your own dream planet that can be use as your profile photo.

You can also share your activities to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Start inviting your friends to download this app via email.

You can download Maddie & Matt's Happy Earth at Google Play for Free. Suitable for iOs and Android




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