Yahoo! partners with MediaCom to launch Style Factor for P&G in the Philippines

This month, Yahoo! is launching Style Factor - a custom branded entertainment site developed by Yahoo! for P&G Philippines. Catch the latest updates on fashion, style and skin care hosted by local celebrities aiming for sharing the best informative program online.

Read below Press Release to know more about Style Factor. Watch out for the more updates.



Yahoo! partners with MediaCom to launch Style Factor for P&G in the Philippines

Custom branded content site dedicated to bring celebrity trends and star styles for the digitally savvy Filipina woman

Manila, 03 October, 2012 – Yahoo! and MediaCom announced the launch of Style Factor, a custom branded content and entertainment site, for Proctor & Gamble (P&G) Philippines. Inspired by The Thread on Yahoo! Shine developed for P&G in the USA, Style Factor will bring the latest celebrity news and information on fashion, skincare, hair care and makeup to users.

The custom branded content and entertainment site is available on Yahoo! Philippines’ leading entertainment site, OMG!, and showcases P&G’s most popular brands in the country including Pantene, Olay, Downy, Ariel and Head & Shoulders.

Leveraging the trending topics relating to leisure and entertainment content, Style Factor provides locally produced content and a dedicated editorial team supporting the production of local news online. Additionally, video entertainment will be an integral part of Style Factor. Developed by Yahoo!, the premium video series will be hosted by local celebrities and will feature celebrity inspired styles, fashion trends and beauty tips.

According to Charibelle Morados – Country Media Manager of P&G Philippines, “Style Factor is a site for a digitally savvy woman who is smart and discerning about engaging with brands online. Yahoo! has shown how custom branded content will allow us to engage with our consumers and create conversations around our brands.”

Arlene Amarante, Country Ambassador and Sales Director of Yahoo! Philippines said, “Filipinos are known for their love for entertainment and closely follow celebrity fashion. We are ecstatic to partner with P&G to bring Style Factor to the Philippines and develop original video entertainment episodes with its own unique, localized content related to celebrity fashion. This partnership reinforces Yahoo!’s leadership as a global provider of branded content solutions and our ability to deliver original programming that will enrich user experiences.”
According to Oliver Salazar, Digital Director of Mediacom Interaction, Philippines, “Custom content experiences offer unparalleled opportunities for marketers to engage with users in a more meaningful way, thus generating better business results for brands. Asian audiences are passionate about fashion, beauty and lifestyle oriented content. By creating customized content, P&G aims to go deeper and draw insights into how consumers engage with their brands online. We envision this to be a long term partnership, one that will be extended to other countries in the region in the future.”


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