Finding ways in saving money

We have our own goals in how we are going to attain and get the things we wanted. Any form of investment in your retirement, family need or personal emergencies should always start on how you save.

Thinking of ways in saving money? Then, it's easy to learn how:

Prepare your own meals: Start with cooking at home at least 2x a week and prepare a one week meal plan for your family so that you can go to the supermarket every week to buy your food items.

Coffee breaks: I know that this is not easy but at least I've tried to skip buying coffee outside and instead make my own coffee at the office.

Making a list before shopping: I am not an impulsive buyer but for some reasons I tend to buy something that is not really useful and ended up purchasing extras. Make sure that you list the items you need first before going out.

Buy in Bulk: I usually buy toiletries in bulk, and it saves a lot of money. I stock up items like shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper etc every week.

Bring your own bag: This campaign is really effective, always bring your own bag when you shop so that you won't be paying extra charge for plastic bags.

Budgeting and Bill Payments: Always pay your bills on time to avoid overcharges and interest. List all your expenses and start budgeting your money. You can also automate the payments.

Price Estimation: Make a habit to avoid impulsive buying. Check the prices of the items and decide at its best possible price.

Plan your vacations: I know that we need to relax and spend the rest of the holidays with our family and friends. Book in advance and enjoy huge discounts in accommodation, plane tickets and cut the cost by subscribing to travel deal sites.

Lastly, don't attempt yourself to buy something really expensive like electronic gadgets, or spending your entire paycheck to eat out at fancy restaurants just to please your friends and join their bandwagon. Always think of other ways that you can enjoy like dining out somewhere else with your friends wherein you can hang out for the rest of the night.

These are just a few tips and select what will work for you. Then, start to make it a habit and you'll enjoy your money without worrying your future!


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