[on Health] How to keep your lungs healthy

How our Lungs work?

Lungs weighs about 1lb, as the diagram shows that our right lung is a bit larger because there is more room for it while the left lung shares a space with our heart. Made of lobes, the inside of our lungs looks like a giant sponge and protected by the rib cage which in between has muscles that helps for breathing. Our body needs oxygen in order to survive, our lungs absorbs the air that passes through into the bloodstream.

Harmful chemicals affects our lungs
Tons of litres of air move in and out of our lungs each day, it also serves as a defense system against harmful materials getting inside of our body.

Due to air pollution, smoking and dusts - our lungs are damaged as a result, shortness of breathing which can be a sign of any lung diseases.

  • The right lung is slightly larger than the left

  • The surface are of the lungs is roughly the same size as tennic court

  • A sneeze travels faster than a cough

  • A person at rest breathes about 12 to 15 times a minute. That is at least 17,000 times a day and over 6 million breaths a year


Taking good care of our health is not enough. We should always practice a good eating habit, exercising and try to relax to avoid stress in your daily life - from this, it will help you to breathe easier.


About Lungcaire plus
We cannot stop the increasing number of people who smoke, each day we go out, we are welcome by outdoor pollution and as a result; we need a food supplement that will help to boost our body's immune system and to fight lung diseases.

Lungcaire plus has 13 interacting vitamins and minerals, specialised nutrients, powerful anti-oxidants and 8 synergistic herbal components to help protect our lungs and strengthens immunity.
Benefits of taking Lungcaire plus:

  • Protects delicate pulmonary tissue from free radical damage that can lead to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), inflammatory processes and cancer.

  • Helps cut and clear mucus secretions; open airways; and reduces pulmonary congestion

  • Reduces pulmonary inflammatory processes, such as, asthma, emphysema and other bronchial diseases.

  • Downregulates histamine release from mast cells and functions as a natural antihistamine ( leukotriene inhibitor)

  • Reduces hay fever and allergic reactions

  • Promotes pulmonary tissue regeneration

  • Helps prevent deficiencies of key supporting nutrients

  • Helps reduce bronchospasm

  • Has anti-microbial action that helps prevent respiratory infections

For complete lung care, i-LungCaire mo ang baga mo! Visit their official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Lungcaire

Always consult your doctor right away if you have experience coughing, trouble breathing, pain in your chest or any other symptoms.

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