SM Cyberzone opens in SM City Sta Mesa

I just wanted to share my first visit to SM City Sta Mesa's Cyberzone which opened last week.

Thinking of where is the best place to shop for the latest electronics in Manila? We are all love checking on different techno hubs around Metro Manila to search for great deals on cameras, computers, electronic gadgets, accessories and more.

I always consider buying gadgets in a mall compared with buying online. Though we have our own choices which venues we prefer but mostly I don't trust purchasing online. We may be fooled and overwhelmed with the huge discounts they are offering but reducing the guarantee and warranty of the product. Well, just make sure that you carefully read the terms and condition before you purchase anything.

One of my goal this year is to buy a new digital camera, I checked SM City Sta Mesa's Cyberzone and start comparing prices of electronic brands like Samsung, Olympus and Nikon. I even told my brother, Azrael that I am going to save money so that I can buy a new digital camera before Christmas.

We also checked out stalls in Cyberzone, impressed with the products that some stalls are offering specially the brands that we patronize and their products. I also dropped by at Samsung store and play around with their new Samsung note. Am still dreaming of owning these beautiful gadgets!

I also witnessed the ribbon cutting ceremony and opening remarks held in the morning. The program started with a brief introduction of SM City Sta Mesa . We also played games like "bring me" and "answered some trivia related to technology & gadgets."

How about you? Do you also window shop for gadgets? Or ever dream of owning it?

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