Pesos and Sense seminar series 1: Make your money grow @pesosandsense

Last week, I was really fortunate to learn on how we value our money and make it grow!

We have our own perception in how we can save money but at sometimes we are afraid to invest because we don't fully understand the true essence of it and learning that our colleagues have been scammed because they invested a lot of money because the company promised that their money will doubled in an instant. And, through this horrible experience, we tend to refuse to listen to other investment opportunities because we don't want to experience it.

Why you are not investing? As I've mentioned previously, we have created the 'fear' of losing our own money and lack of knowledge of understanding why you are entering such kind of activity. Also, you have a huge expenses to deal with and spending the money first before we earn it.

In this session, we were asked; "What is a good investment" - is it the latest gadgets you bought? Actually, it depends on the purpose. Once you have drafted your purpose, then, it's the best time to select the investment you wanted. It can be started from the most basic which is through banks (checking, savings or time deposits); bonds; pre need; managed funds; foreign exchange; real estate; stocks; trading and investing.

Before you invest you need to remember the following:
Know Why: Why are you investing?
Know What: What will you invest on?
Know how: How will you actually do it?

After answering these questions, the next step is to understand Aya's Investment Diagram (AID)
Time / Knowledge / Money

How would you know if which investment is good for you?
Then, understand the above concept of AID and Time value of money; from there you can create a suitable plan that will helps you in choosing the right investment for you.

Pesos and Sense is a company that aims to promote financial literacy by empowering Filipinos through seminar series that teach them simple and practical knowledge on personal finance and investments. It aims to guide Filipinos in making independent and wise choices in handling their money.

The show is hosted by Aya Laraya, an Investmed advocate who is also a Certified Securities representative, a Certified Investment company representative, a realtor, and a writer with an MBA from University of Western Australia.

The seminar series was launched this year to reach a wide audience. With Aya's 25 years of experience in the financial and investment industry, he can able to simplify and help people understand how they can grow their money and learn how to think like a good investor. The company is also active in providing information and responding to questions to its online community.

Module 1 and 2 seminar: Make Your Money Grow and Time Value of Money

Date: March 2, 2013

Time: 9-4pm

Venue: 2404B East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Bldg (Tektite), Ortigas

Source: Pesos and Sense

Official website:
Faceboook page: /pesosandsenstv
Youtube: /pesosandsense
Twitter: @pesosandsense



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