Thursday Adventure: Pizza Party, Joke Time and Derek Ramsay

First, I cannot think of a good title. Thursday brought me so much FUN so that's why my story will be divided into three parts: Pizza Party, Joke Time and Derek Ramsay.

Pizza Party

I missed eating pizzas! and I declared Thursday as my cheat day (LOL). We ordered 20 inches - 2 pizza flavors (meat lovers and all veggies) at Big Guys Pizza in Libis, Quezon City. Wow, that was really huge! Everyone is really excited when the pizza delivery man arrived inside the office. Spending quality time during break time with my team is really fulfilling. I think I should organize this kind of food gathering every payday. Honestly, we usually went out to dine or to hang out every Friday :)

Joke Time

I borrowed this book from my colleague, and It was really funny. I was browsing the pages and I laughed on every details...Super straight to the point, and tatamaan ka talaga if guilty ka. Unfortunately, the book is currently sold out and we are still waiting for restocks. Fantastic!

Bakit hindi ka crush ng crush mo...E bakit nga ba????

Our own Amazing Race Adventure with Derek Ramsay

I was browsing my Twitter feed and found out that Derek Ramsay will be in Eastwood City. I immediately rushed downstairs and get a glimpse of him during my 15 minutes afternoon break. We are going crazy on where we can find him, and he was just standing near Johnny Rockets to congratulate the winners who participated in the race.

That was really fun ... seeing the participants running, rushing and searching for clues.


This is my Thursday Adventure. Just always remember that we should cherish each days of our lives.

Do something valuable and unique; or Simply Have Fun. Avoid Stress and ... BE HAPPY.

Signing off.

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