Wheatgrass in coffee makes perfect sense to coffee lovers

Introducing Bio-Coffee 4-in-1 from Easy Pha-max, a must try for all coffee lovers (like me!).
Enjoy its health benefits at an affordable price (Php335, 10 sachets).


One to two cups of Bio-Coffee is purrrfect, the one and only alkaline coffee in the market.

Bio-Coffee 4-in-1 is a good blend of Easy Pha-max wheatgrass powder, instant Arabica coffee, non-dairy creamer and oligosaccharide (natural honey).

  • You can drink it again and again without turning acidic due to the alkaline property of wheatgrass.

  • Dissolve sachet in a cup of hot water, stir, sniff, enjoy its aroma and savor the aftertaste of healthy coffee.

  • Early Christmas promo price is P335 for the Introductory Pack of 10 sachets. Each sachet weighs 20g.

  • For free delivery, call 890-1111.

  • The coffee is also available in Easy Pha-max wheatgrass kiosks located in leading malls like SM, Robinsons, Festival Mall.


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