Offline Marketing is still effective

If you're looking for a story and news feature aside from browsing the net, you can also check these offline events like: trade shows, symposiums, conferences, and community events.

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Why offline marketing is still important in every business? As we changed the perspective when it comes to marketing our products and services, we still need offline marketing for more reliable and brand emergence. As innovation goes for all business we still need to attract our customers through the following techniques:

  • Flyers - posted / handouts

  • Themed Events - Getting exposure to a specific audience, booths, flyers and special offers

  • Coupons - to obtain link and exposure, since paper coupon circulation is declining; use online couponing service to a specific product and offer a good discounts

Advertise when needed. Expand your horizon to niche related business, offer partnership and tie ups to different organization. Also, a better approach is to promote your product through their free ad spaces.

Offline marketing always play an important role in every business.

“We are living in a world that is no longer facing a shortage of goods, but a shortage of customers.” - Phillip Kotler


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