Hotels are still in doubt to use Social Media

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Quoting from TravelClick: one of the leading provider of revenue generating solutions for hoteliers that conducted a survey few days ago about utilizing social media in hotel and booking campaigns said that,
"Instead of running cost-efficient promotions on social media channels like Twitter and Facebook, hotels are electing to increase their advertising spend through online advertisements (57 percent) and paid search advertising (20 percent)," said Jonathan Cherins, chief marketing officer of TravelClick, "It's important that hotels don't rely solely on advertising to increase bookings.  Hoteliers should be incorporating a mix of online marketing, GDS media as well as social media in order touch their key audiences."

Right, most hotels are still in doubt if social media will be a great help to boost their sales in booking and reservations, plus these kind of communication platforms like Twitter and Facebook has been flooded with unnecessary comments and complains about the hotels or travel agencies booking, bad services and expensive charges. Through this report, it is clear that despite of the improving economy, hotels are giving out their best to serve its clients in their own traditional way of promoting their business. However, one of the key factor here is the loyalty and returning factor of clients to satisfy their needs. A word of mouth through Facebook wall and Twitter shout outs is a good way of promoting your services for free.

Since some hotels offered free wifi use, remote office space, social media privileges like getting discounts through online coupons, checking in to Facebook Places or FourSquare, lucky pick through fan page likes and others; There were also hotels and travel agencies who are in the process of adjusting to compete with the global market.

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