Streaming Online vs Television

image source: digital trends

According to Nielsen, the heaviest media consumption today is through the use of streaming videos compared to television:
A subset of consumers from television and Internet homes has now emerged that defies that notion, with the lightest traditional television users streaming significantly more Internet video, and the heaviest streamers under-indexing for traditional TV viewership.

This behavior is led by those ages 18-34. The group of consumers exhibiting this behavior is significant but small. More than a third of the TV/Internet population is not streaming, whereas less than 1% are not watching TV.

Its pretty obvious, most of employees and household have time to relax and watch streaming videos during their free time. Some companies today blocked streaming platforms like Youtube so that they can concentrate with their work. Others, find ways like watching streaming through blogs, websites and other video channels.

These multimedia platforms are considered to become the greatest influence of watching streaming videos online. Its free, no hassles, no need to change channels and most of all - you can save and download your favorite episodes. Maybe that is the reason why people are now ignoring their old television sets.

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