Finding your DREAM DATE

Are you tired of the old ways of finding a perfect match for you? How much did you spent on attending parties and events hoping to meet someone that is single? It's about time for you to think about these things and find something that is much easier and convenient way of meeting that special person that you've been dreaming of.Don't feel shy and feel neglected, from now on here's another way of getting involved with this unique and first ever tri-media, dating game lifestyle show in the Philippines created by Filipinos. DREAMDATE aims to connect with all three main media outlets ONLINE, MOBILE AND TELEVISION; to meet the growing demands of today's generation of digital consumers who are seeking entertainment, interaction and user generated content.

A proud collaboration of Hello Media and Studio 23, the first dating game show, DREAM DATE is premiering on the 15th of July, Friday, 11:30pm at Studio 23.

Interested of Joining and be part of the success of the Premiere Dating Entertainment?

 Providing the show with its unique match-making system is the nation’s very own and first on-line and mobile dating-lifestyle network, Chuzi. This matchmaker guarantees a selection process that is exciting yet safe, non-offensive and free from rejection.  Chuzi makes the contestants dating experience a memorable one by linking them up to the one they’re attracted to and are attracted to them.   The DREAMDATE show is actually an extension of Chuzi. Consumers shall use the internet or their mobile phone to enroll in the game, in hopes of finding their match. The consumers are analyzed based on their success with the game and will be invited to a casting call, to have a chance to be on DREAMDATE show.

In their search for the ultimate DREAMDATE, 6 contestants, 3 girls and 3 boys, will take on questionings and other challenges, in a progressive fashion, for their compatibility. At the end, the contestants will be given the chance to vote for their DREAMDATE based on their looks, personality and special talent.

Spreading their love vibe to DREAMDATE are two of the most charming and dynamic TV personalities in town, Myx VJ, Bianca Roque and Magandang Umaga host, Andrei Felix.

“I’m extremely thrilled and grateful to be part of such a fun and dynamic show!,” Bianca says.

“The driven, talented and creative team behind it like Director Frank and Producer David makes it even better. It’s not your usual dating game show. For our contestants, we not only have beauty queens but also tough girls and girls-next-door.  At the same time, we have the on-line component which is the lifestyle angle of the show. In that website, you could get tips and advises on how to dress-up, make-up, where to go on dates, what to do. I’m sure everyone will get something out of this show…” added Bianca.

“This is actually one of my ‘dream jobs!’ says co-host and former Myx VJ Andrei. 

“I’ve been on radio, I’ve been a VJ as well.  I’ve done basketball and I’m currently hosting a morning show.  But this is something I haven’t done yet…Being part of DREAMDATE is overwhelming…It’s a very big project… The concept of the shiw is that everybody can join in.” Andrei adds.

This is not the first time the DREAMDATE partners are hosting the show together. They used to work with MYX where they became very good friends.

DREAMDATE executive producer David Abrenilla explains the role of the two in the show…”Here we have Bianca who gives the advise, our  “Love Guru”  and  Drei, our  “Love Cupid” and together, we have the perfect match to find your dream date.”

Bianca and Andrei’s youthful good looks may belie their wit and wisdom beyond years.  But definitely, they are no strangers to heart matters.

“I’ve had my fair share of experiences when it comes to love. I’ve had all kinds of relationships that might be helpful to the kids right now.  It would be awesome to at least share with them a little bit of things that I know,” Bianca shares.

Although Bianca and Andrei have had their share of blunders in the romance department, they neither lost their pro-active stance in the dating scene nor their sense of humor in finding true love. Their treasure chest of experiences, insights and practical tips, they vow to gamely share them on the show with viewers and contestants alike.
The DREAMDATE duo is looking forward, as well, to learning love lessons from the t.v. viewers and the dating contestants.

Though DREAMDATE is a Match made in Heaven for the Digital Age, it is neither only for the tech- savvy nor the social butterflies, DREAMDATE is for anyone and everyone with a big heart for upgrading their relational and communication skills and with a great spirit for expressing and sharing their love quotient.


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