Pillow Fight Manila 2011: A Free Invitation to ALL :)

Pillow Fight. Mostly played by children during bedtime, in their sleepwear; hitting pillows to knock someone off balance. The previous record [according to Wikipedia] was set in UK with a total number of 3706 people all fighting at once.

Today, Hotel Sogo announced to break the record for the World's Largest Pillow Fight wherein young [there is an age limit, 18 y/o above] and adults will gather in one place for the first and biggest Pillow fight in the Philippines. In addition, A free rock concert featuring top local bands will be invited to join the celebration.

As the largest hotel chain in the Philippines known for its quality and affordable services, Hotel Sogo is coming out with a series of activities in the next few months that will culminate in a big event by November 2011.

A press conference was held last Saturday, June 25, 2011 at Eurotel North Edsa to learn the objectives of the Hotel's biggest event. Hosted by Jobert Sucaldito, an exciting clip of different countries in their own Pillow Fight moments was shown and caught interest for Hotel Sogo to adapt the culture that is happening each year on the month of April.

 “We will call on all our Kababayans to help us break the record, which now stands at a little less than 4000 people participating in a Pillow Fight, come November 2011,”
declared Mr. Gus Corpus, Hotel Sogo’s Chief Operating Officer.

The official world record states that the largest pillow fight took place at Minehead Butlins in Somerset, UK, on 14 November 2008. The same event was also intended to help a charitable advocacy as part of the BBC’s Children in Need night.

Pillow Fight is a game played among the young, where participants hit each other with a pillow in a comfortable venue. In other countries, the game became popular even among adults, and has turned into an organized outdoor pop culture activity. In 2010,Pillow Fights were held in several cities in the USA, Canada, Spain, Poland, the UK and even Hong Kong. Hotel Sogo will be the one to introduce this good-humored lighthearted event to the Filipinos by holding the biggest pillow fight event ever: the largest in the world, the first in Manila
 “This forthcoming event is a challenge, as well as a creative endeavor that we would offer to the Filipino. We hope for their support, as we continue to be ‘So Clean… So Good!’” Mr. Corpus concluded. 

For more information about the event, you may visit the official Facebook Page - Pillow Fight Manila 2011 http://www.facebook.com/PillowFightManila2011

Or visit Glamour Moments for Pillow Fight Manila Updates :)


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