Cosplay Nation Presscon

It was a great opportunity to meet the people behind this big project produced by Yian Studios and China
Film Group Corp. A press conference was held yesterday, Friday, June 17 at the Megatrade Conference hall (this is actually their 2nd presscon) about filming, Cosplay Nation during the two day event in Toycon.

The Toycon organizers told their most memorable stories for the past 10 years, from the year that they started until their future stand in organizing a pop culture event. Surprisingly, the Gosiengfiao sisters (Alodia Gosiengfiao and Ashley Gosiengfiao) were present and shared their joyous moments in cosplaying.

"Meeting different people." "Bring Nations together"

Media were given a chance to ask questions.

Why they choose our country to include in their film?
Answer: Because we have this PASSION and they would like to witness on how we celebrate such kind of event.

What is the chance of our country (Philippines) to be recognize in cosplay world?

Why choose to film cosplay aside from filming our subjects?
Answer: Because they would like to know how cosplay can influence people's lives.

How much is the budget of this project?
Answer: Guess :) - Its a secret.

What is your prediction of cosplay in  the future?
Alodia answered. She said, Next time all of us will battle like in wrestling match
(just joking she said.)

Indeed, it was a great honor to our country to be included in this one of a kind film. The production will shoot in different countries and target screening is early next year (11th toycon maybe!). Yes, it'll took that long because they're going to enhance the visual effects and edit the parts to make it more memorable to all cosplayers and fans of cosplay.

Read more:

Cosplay Nation lands in 10th Philippine ToyCon 2011

"Philippines is a proud nation...a proud Cosplay nation!"-Cholo Mallillin, Toycon Organizer


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