[VIDEO] Cardio Boys versus Cherifer Mascot only at 10th Toycon

On the other side of the stage, yes, there were two stages at Toycon wherein panel discussion, games, trivia contests and band performances were held.

At the first day of Toycon, Cardio boys showed up on their aerobics costume and performed at the crowd area. Guests were very amazed and entertained.

Apparently, the mascot boy named "Cherifer" went up to the stage challenging the Cardio boys. It was a very hilarious Saturday and all of us were burst into laughter. Hey, Cherifer did a lot of stunts. And, he's one of our favorite mascot as of today :)

Other performances last Sunday were Moonlight Avery, Evening Tea Time, Himitsu Heiki and a guest local band; Novus Luna.


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