Yay or Nay: Chromebooks

Excited on the newest gadget on town?

Google now introduces its new portable Chromebooks that is available today. If you are thinking what is the difference

between a chromebook and a notebook, TechRepublic discussed about some of the questions that consumers may ask about this latest from Google.

It is not just an ordinary laptop, Its a browser laptop?
The Chrome OS boots in about 8 seconds, according to Google, and sometimes faster in real-world tests. Once it boots, you log in with a Google account, and you’re inside the Chrome browser.

Passport to access: Google Account
Yes, you need to login first your Google account or sign in as Guest if you're using someone else's Chromebook. You can also create a separate Google account using non-gmail address. Once you get in, feel free to experience Chrome's bookmarks, extensions, settings and passwords.

Doubt in applications, systems and email accounts
Chromebooks are meant for Google. Instead install Google applications at Chrome Web store OR use related features that offers the same functionality.

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