A gathering called Media Socials

We've been busy for work. Doing all errands for more than 8 hours a day, computing our monthly budget, and managing our time with our family and friends. And its about time to manage our stress. Taking control of our daily lives to reach our goals without hesitation of dealing with our own emotions, problems and environment. Balancing each time should be prioritize and also have time to relax, enjoy and have fun.

Media Socials is a gathering organized by Hotel Sogo, uniting all types of media: print, radio, tv, and online. A great opportunity to meet different professionals from media and discover our similarities as well. Sogo as derived from a Japanese word meaning "unity and teamwork, brotherhood, cooperation and harmony," which doesn't need to elaborate the purpose of the event because it is clearly stated on what Hotel Sogo's Media Socials is all about.

The team's assembly was at the Hotel Sogo's Corporate Office in EDSA, Cubao. Upon arrival at Music Bank in Timog, we were welcome by the Hotel Sogo Marketing Team, signing up the attendance sheet and take a pose on the backdraft (with Hotel Sogo logo). All of us had a chance to introduced ourselves through the help of our hosts, "Aeron and Sammer." An icebreaker session was our first activity, each of us will pick a question on the bowl and answer the question written on the paper. Followed by games and videoke!

Afterwards, a special announcement was made. The party isn't over yet, we're going to relax at the New York Spa. Oh, that was a really rewarding opportunity. All of us left the Music Bank and headed to the Spa which is a few minutes walking distance.

Thank you Hotel Sogo for bringing us together and hopefully to join you again on your next activity.


The logo:

Sogo Lady gesture of the Sogo fan coverng the mouth symbolizes courtesy and service without question; the intertwined or interlacing letters of the word Sogo symbolizes unity and teamwork; the sticks of the fan symbolizes the people of Hotel sogo and the paper that binds the fan together symbolizes the union in a common vision of the Hotel Sogo family to dominate the walk up hotel industry.

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