Filipino Fans, are you ready for 30 Seconds to mars?

Perhaps one of the most common questions asked to any band during interviews is who their influences in making music are. And as expected, many will surely name some of the most well known groups as their influences. But while, many of those would attest that those are indeed their influences, a few would really go beyond mentioning names.

Thus, when you ask the members of 30 Seconds to Mars, you will probably be thinking that they are just the same with the others. But, as it turns out, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that they are indeed more than just name droppers.

According to the band, their influences are actually quite many. However, they are quick to say that, rather than simply copying their favorite styles, they instead developed their own unique style from what they have learned. Thus, as many reviewers have pointed out, while they might sound similar to some of the most recognized groups at first, the unique sound of 30 Seconds to Mars' music slowly emerges the longer one listens.

And the beauty of their music certainly doesn't end with just the sound. The lyrics of their songs really reveals the depth of the band members' personal insights. According to Jared Leto, all their songs are based on the experiences that they had, or those coming out from people that they have known. He also added that they would often use certain symbolism to stress their points in their songs.

He also elaborated that their song writing process is not really a strict one. “No two songs are created the same,: he says. He added that, sometimes, the song just starts out as a simple note or rhythm, and progresses from there. He closes it by saying that it is actually somewhat a rather exhausting process at times. “It's like a creative hurricane” he chuckles.

All the members goes on to say that they have their own contributions to the making of their albums. They have also added that they will be continuing to make music for as long as there are people willing to their sound. And from the looks of it, it will definitely be a long time.


About the band name, Thirty Seconds to Mars.
Lead vocalist Jared Leto came across the thesis which detailed impending advancement of technology and he thought it best described their band’s music. How members got to read about their name in books and in a fortune cookie is quite a long tale to tell but they have revealed that more than space and the universe, ‘Mars’ from their name has more connection with Mars--the Roman god of war. The band’s third album is entitled ‘This is War’ and it’s title track of the same name is one of the Echelon’s anthem. The Echelon is a street support team for the band.


drummer Shannon Leto, lead guitarist-bassist-keyboardist Tomo Miličević and rhythm guitarist-vocalist Jared Leto.

Hit Singles
A Beautiful Lie and From Yesterday ; secured top international charts; included in Top 5 modern rock singles
The Kill; longest running hit in the history of Modern Rock radio, more than 50 weeks in the charts at Number 3

Studio Albums
2002 - Thirty Seconds to Mars
2005 - This is War

EP (Extended Play)
2007 - AOL Sessions Undercover
2008 - To the Edge of the Eart

MTV Video Music Awards 'Best Rock Video' for 2010 (Kings and Queens)

500 sold out shows around the globe (2005)
Lollapalooza - US, Netherlands
Download and Give it a Name Festivals - UK
Rock Am Ring/Rock Im Park - Germany
Summer Sonic - Japan

This time, fans in Manila will get to experience genuine rock with Thirty Seconds to Mars’ greatest hits which include crowd’s favorites such as “Hurricane” and “Closer to the Edge.” The Mars Army will unite at Trinoma, Mindanao Open Parking on July 29, 2011.

Ticket prices to Thirty Seconds to Mars Live in Manila concert are available at GOLD Php4,212 and SILVER Php2,025; *prices are inclusive of all charges. TICKET HOTLINES: SM Tickets 470.2222; TicketWorld 891.9999. Futuretainment 577.3265 • 586.7275.
For updates, follow @futureupdate on twitter.

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