The 30 Seconds To Mars Concert Experience

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It was a wonderful evening, though it rained so hard before the start of the concert, but this didn't let the fans of 30 Seconds to Mars to falter. So as the band.

When we arrived at the concert grounds at Trinoma, the rain started to pour down, and some of the fans were afraid that the concert might get cancelled due to the bad weather. As we looked upon the stage, the concert staffs are busy trying to wipe the water off stage so that the equipments won't be damaged and  the concert can start.

After waiting for almost half an hour, the staffs uncovered the equipment, signaling the start of the show.  Kjwan shows up in the stage and get the fans all riled up and screaming. As they start playing, you can see the fans headbanging and singing together with the band. Surely, Kjwan knows how to start the show with a bang.

The staff removed the musical equipments and clear the center stage after the  Kjwan performed which made the fans scream to dismay, thinking that the show is cancelled. It was a good bluff, as the center stage is cleared, one equipment is unveiled and revealing it as a drum set. The fans started to scream for excitement because that signaled that the show is not cancelled. After some adjustments to the equipment, The band started to show one by one. The first one to show is Shannon Leto, starting with an awesome drumbeat, next to show is Tomo with his black Gibson Les Paul guitar and lastly, the enigmatic Jared Leto shows up in the stage who donned in a black cape making the fans shout their lungs out. The first song they sang is Escape from their 3rd album "This is War."

Before Jared play the song "Hurricane" in his acoustic guitar, he thanked the audience who braved the rain and said "Philippines, IKAW NA!" It made the fans clapped their hands and requesting him to say another Tagalog word. he also thanked their Filipino fans for attending their concert even though the Incubus played last night in Smart Araneta Collesium.

Jared asked the fans who want to be on the stage with him before he play another song.  5 lucky fans were selected by Jared himself to come up to the stage. Jared asked one of the lucky fans on the stage what song they want him to play, The one of the fans requested for the song "The Kill." He also asked them what Tagalog word the fans would want to hear and one of the fans on stage whispered to him the word "Mahal" which he said aloud to the fans giving him another round of applause from the audience.

Giving another chance to other fans, Jared invited fans to get on to the stage before they playing their final song for the night "Kings and Queens."

It was a night to remember for the Filipino echelons and fans of 30 Seconds to Mars eventhough they were soaked wet in the rain, the band gave one hell of a show for them, leaving them in a state of nirvana and wanting for more.

Here is the set list of songs 30 Seconds to Mars:


A Beautiful Lie


Search and Destroy

This Is War

100 Suns

Vox Populi




The Kill

Night of the Hunter

Closer to the Edge


Kings and Queens


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