A Brush With Kindness Of 30 Seconds To Mars

30 Second to Mars had been joined hands with Hollywood Habitat for Humanity for their one of a kind Habitat build day in Carson, CA. In advance of their build. They organized an auction of build slots to give their fans a chance to volunteer with them together with their family and friends. In one week time, they raised a fund over $10,000.00 with an extra six workers were elisted for the Habitat for Humanity projects.

The band, their family and friends, and the auction winner Melvin Jones has joined together in working on a home as they repaired and renovate it through Habitat for Humanity, A Brush of Kindness program.

The auction winner has traveled from  Vienna, Austria all the way to Los Angeles to build the site who tooks a lot of hard work. Theresa one f the volunteer says that "it was great to meet some very nice people, have fun and do good and it was very impressive to see how the band worked their butts off!"

The auction was intended to be for two morning slots and two afternoon slots but after an overwhelming response, an additional two more volunteer were accommodated. Fans quickly got involved around the globe. Even those who couldn't outbid the winners were able to participate and support the band's efforts.

"We are so proud of our friends and family around the world who have put together their own teams and volunteered,"

"It's a wonderful and selfless gift and we are so thankful and moved by the generosity shown by all. It was a great day today with our family, friends and fans on the build site with the Jones family in Carson, but it was even more special knowing we were joined around the world in this event. We ended the build covered in dirt, sweat and smiles."

 - Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars

The Echelon, 30 Seconds to Mars' core fans had created an initiative within the Hope Builders who raises funds to build homes internationally. The Echelon built two houses and currently approaching their third target as they raised enough money in the UK. Also all carbon emission caused from travel will be offset with a purchase of green tags with the 30 Seconds to Mars auction and in behalf of Talent partnerships of Hollywood for Habitat for Humanity, the VP of Music, Allison Winkler was very thankful to 30 Seconds to Mars and to all volunteers with this unique A Brush with Kindness build event.

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