Dine, Cookout or Go Extreme: Food Adventure at Venice Piazza

The invite said: you'll go home with a happy tummy. And it was right. A unique dinner experience only happened at Food Adventure at the Venice Piazza. This is one of the most exciting food festival happening every Saturdays from 6pm to 10pm wherein you can checkout this awesome 12 great foods from Venice Piazza's finest restaurants in just one seating. Trying out 12 dishes for P550 is a good deal. First, make sure you secure a Food Adventure passport at the atrium of Venice Piazza.

From this passport, you'll have a chance to taste the pre-set meal selections from the participating restos: Blackwood Bistro, Empire Deli and Restaurant, Kuse, Little Asia, Old Vine Grille, Pho Hoa, Pinchos Restaurant and Bar, Ramen Bar, Red Crab Alimango House, Sol Gelato, Sweet Pea, and Yo Swirls.

The Food Adventure Passport :)

A sample Food Itinerary :)

Proof that I'm a Food Adventurer :) hahaha.
 ere would like to start? It depends on your taste buds. You can actually hop around from one place to another right after you were finished visiting the resto. Your passport will be signed by a resto representative after availing the sampler. How long would you able to complete all of these? Well, the answer is - set a specific time with your friends so that all of you will enjoy this unique treat.

Aside from 12 participating restos that you have to complete in one night, don't forget to visit the Food Extreme. From its definition, yes, for exotic food lovers, you don't need to go somewhere. Craving for deep fried frogs, snails in coconut sauce or what we called 'bibingkang abnoy?' ...is also available here in Venice Piazza. No need to worry about sanitation, because all of them were germs free :)

At last, why don't you shop at the upmarket as we called 'dampa' wherein you choose your favorite raw meats, vegetables, seafoods and let the chefs of Red Crab cook it for you.

Don't let pass this one good opportunity. Call your family, friends and officemates and try it. It'll be fun if all of you will experience this wonderful food trip that will only happen on the months of June and July.

If you have questions or inquiries about the Food Adventure, Megaworld Lifestyle Malls Concierge are available to help you. Call them at 709-0888 or 0917-8380111. Also check out their online community at Facebook.com/VenicePiazza or follow them on Twitter.com/VenicePiazza

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Old Vine's Salmon Carpaccio

Kuse Beef Ribs Adobado

Pho Hoa Fried Spring Rolls

Empire Deli and Restaurant - Baked Macarono with Orange Summer Salad

Balaw Balaw Exotic Foods :)

Sotanghon Soup with Frog Legs :) Tastes like Chicken :)

Nilasing na Hipon

Sweet Pea - Quesadillas and Buffalo Wings

These are natural ice creams

Ramen Bar - Karaage and Kakuni Buns

The Red Crab's Butter Ginger Crab

Photos from the Cook Out Booth :) we took home crabs!!!


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