Transformers 3: Don't blink on them; new cars in action!

What make us exciting about this film is the impressive line up of intergalactic robots as they said; turning cars into different shapes and sizes; and also, the new addition line up to Autobots. One is Mercedes E550 which has undergone modification and a lot of enhancement which the Director, Michael Bay himself chose the blue color to come up into a new breed of car customizing its aerodynamic kit, front spoiler and forged wheels.

Ferrari 458 Italia and Mercedes Benz E Class have been added to the family on the third installment of the movie. At first, we were clueless on their names until its actual showing. You can see these beauties in action, and never blink as you see these vehicular heroes standing to defend our planet.

Meanwhile, Chevrolet unveiled its special edition Transformers Camaro Coupe; Chevrolet has added a unique high-wing spoiler, Autobot Shield logos on the center caps and front quarter panels, and 20", black-painted wheels wrapped in high-performance summer tires. Dealers will also offer two additional features: exclusive, 21-inch, black-painted wheels and a black ground-effects package.

source: TopSpeed

Still showing on your favorite movie houses in 3D!!!

Transformer: Dark Side of the Moon
Stars: Shia Lebeouf, Frances McDormand, John Malkovich, Patrick Dempsey
Director Michael Bay

We were fortunate to watch Transformers 3 last Wednesday, June 29

Editor: Nah, am not going to give any comments about the film. 
I'll leave it to my Transformer Boys :)


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