My tree planting experience at Sitio Sapinit

Location: Sitio Sapinit, Brgy. San Juan, Antipolo City

Now its the time to focus on other activities aside from blogging, shopping and attending numerous events in Metro. Tree planting event is focusing on how we are able to preserve our nature and provides a healthy and protected environment. Luckily, I represented Azrael since He cannot make it to  Go Green! Go For The Real Thing! Treeplanting Activity for Marikina-Sapinit Watershed project through Coca-Cola Foundation.

Since I lived near the area (that's what I thought???) in order to save money as well because the meeting place (Makati) is a bit far on my place, I decided to follow them and commute. Good thing that they have provided the map and directions wherein I diligently instructed the cab driver (a very early field trip for us!). It took us more than an hour (I guess) to reach Sapinit and never get lost (whew!). I arrived just in time the Coca-Cola officers were calling out our names and gave us the shirts that we are going to use (i love the shirt design!). Upon registering on my desired activity (which is planting), we were assisted by our Team Leader (Jing Jing) and started walking to reach the area. On my calculation, I reached the area for more than 15 minutes (it was a very tiring walk for me because I am afraid of uphills and bangins hehehe).

Our team leader Ms Jing started to demonstrate on how we are going to plant these wildings (dictionary:A plant that grows wild or has escaped from cultivation, especially a wild apple tree or its fruit). Targeting for more than 10 wildings to plant for that time was so tiring yet fulfilling. All of us volunteers expressed our happiness and support to take part of this memorable activity.

Tree planting is such an opportunity for the transformation of our environment, helping to offset the negative impacts of climate change that we are experiencing today as well as increasing biodiversity in the area. It was my first time to volunteer and despite of long walks and exhaustiveness, I am glad to be part of this wonderful and green campaign. Special thanks to Coca-Cola, its foundation and volunteers, residents of Sapinit for assistance and my friend Sef of Event Lovers Hideout, who kept on bullying me while we were walking going back to the assembly area :) Just Kididng.


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