Fashion Style Influence of Thirty Seconds to Mars

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Being in the spotlight challenges most celebrities to wear clothes that reflect their personality and show off their individuality. Even if they are in their street clothes, they are always praised and greatly appreciated for what could become the next trend. In addition, famous magazines and online celebrity sites always feature what these individuals wear to gain more readers and visitors.

But does Celebrity Fashion really influence what people? To a certain extent I think it does. With reality television as well, advertising is a lot more subtle. Since its "real", people tend not to notice product placement because they're told the environment is absolutely natural. This is what marketers love -faking sincerity.

Take a look with Thirty Seconds to Mars; they are an alternative/emo rock group from Los Angeles. The
members are singer/guitarist Jared Leto, his older brother Shannon Leto on drums and Tomo Milicevic on guitar. Their music and style has been heavily influenced by other cultures, including Asian and South African. The group's style has been tagged as Gothic and post-grunge.

This Band got some funky fashion sense especially Jared Leto. From trousers, shoes, leather jacket, and even sunglasses there are a thousand styles worn by celebrities that have greatly influenced the world of fashion. That is why 30 Seconds to mars have become a big fad because clothes look great on these people, and an ordinary person could just imagine that they will also look good with those apparels.

Also, most people tend to copy what is displayed in magazines and sites, which they believe are fashionable. They believe that because the band members are wearing them. This group puts a lot of thought into what they wear. They are not about gimmicks or trends. Their videos, their album covers, are all influenced by real art.

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To sum it all up, Thirty seconds to Mars’ styles and clothing have a great influence on individuals who value fashion this much. Some people have the urge to buy, even if it will cost them a lot, just to have the trendiest clothes that were once worn by this band. Perhaps, it is the feeling of being stylish and becoming a trend-setter that inspires them to follow celebrities’ fashion. It could also be that these fashion followers believe that by wearing the clothes that the famous people made in vogue will also endow in them that star appeal that the latter posses.

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