Hotels versus Search Engines

We've been promoting several items around the net through our blogs also, including establishments. And below is the research conducted in the US Hotel Industry and the reasons why they're losing a lot of money in terms of branded search terms. 

U.S. Hotel Industry Could Be Losing $1.9 Billion From Branded Search Terms
Main reasons why hotels are being beaten in the searches
  • Prominence of Hotel Affiliates
  • Competition for audience between hotels and their affiliates
  • Hardest felt if affiliate actually has wider audience coverage than hotel.
  • Unintentional promotion of competitors
  • Mainly due to the fact that affiliates will also be inadvertently connected with the competitor
  • Suggestions coming out out in searches for other similar brands would also be the cost.
  • Tactics used by competitors and affiliates
  • Some affiliates intentionally drown the hotel's brand in order to further their own postion.
  • Competitors will also use tactics that will take down a brand name.



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