Get Laud: Producing High Quality Affordable Clothing for Women

Rediscover yourself and know what style suits your personality. Asking where you can get high quality yet affordable clothing for women? People love comfortable clothing, others would like to reinvent themselves and check on the latest fashion to stand out in the crowd. While, some also has a passion of buying high end brands or even doesn't want to throw their old clothes because they hold sentimental value on items they were keeping. Matching your clothes with your favorite accessories would also draw attention to the crowd. All have different styles in picking their own clothes, others would love to match it with their accessories while some would love simple and shinning.

Where to get affordable yet stylish original Philippine made clothes for all women? Awarded as the 'Most Promising Retailer' Award for 2007, Get Laud is using high quality fabrics (cotton spandex fabric) that is perfectly designed for all Filipinas. Started from a single retail shop until it captured the audience's heart in providing fabulous clothing items in Metro. Today, Get Laud has opened its first mainstream venture, an expansion that everyone will feel comfortable in shopping their fave items at Get Laud!

A Philippine made clothing, GetLaud's official website has been launched to invite everybody to check on the latest and most innovative ways of getting fashionable in just one click. Browsing its gallery, contains official photos taken from the shoot that was used in their fashion campaigns. Get Laud spokesperson, Phoemela Baranda has extremely look good on all concepts. You can also watch the behind the scenes featuring, Phoemela as the New Get Laud Girl.

The website has also a page for store and its contact number, you'll never get lost next time on your next shopping. Just simply call the numbers written besides the branch stores and get in touch with Get Laud's store representative.

Busy with work and has no time to shop? Check out their Facebook Page and see the gallery to order the latest items on sale and follow the procedure on how to order. You may also contact them by sending email or post on their walls for your inquiries.  

EDITOR: Upon browsing and reading their FB Walls, they said that they only ship items within the Philippines. Maybe we should wait for a couple of months for them to accommodate international orders :)
Have you inquire for the Get Laud Privilege card? enjoy 10% discount on all regular items for cash or credit card purchases or 20% special discount on your birthday month. For the procedure, visit  News and Updates section

Everybody has a right to express their own ideas when it comes to clothing. It doesn't matter how expensive it is or which brand is the best; by being proud of what you wear is the most important thing.  

Look good, feel better, and Get Laud!

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Email at
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