CFA Institute Releases Investment Career Guide for Asia Pacific

Where you can find a complete career guide? Here at CFA Institute, offers not only for counseling in career and skills development but also the changing trends, threats, education highlights and global standards. Read below wherein you can find articles on financial disciplines, pursuing career in investment and giving professional advices in your chosen career.

Philippines – The CFA Institute recently announced the launch of CFA Institute Career Guide Asia Pacific, the first comprehensive regional career publication for investment professionals as well as those individuals aspiring to excellence.

The career guide offers not only counseling in career and skills development in striving for success in the finance industry, but also an in-depth look at different financial disciplines and the contributions they make both globally and in the Asia Pacific financial markets. It reveals the changing trends and challenges in the market, and presents career advice, education opportunities, ethics, and global standards, thus enabling practitioners to stay current in this complex and ever-evolving industry.

The career guide features contributions from 29 CFA charterholders across a wide spectrum of expertise, encompassing sectors such as corporate financial analysis, research analysis, equity sales, ethical investment consultancy, management of national economies, and monetary policy making at central banks. Their insights and advice to the up-and-coming professionals are inspiring and practical. The scope demonstrates how the CFA charter distinguishes an individual in the eyes of employers, investors, and the global community.

“Ethics and financial competency are at the heart of the CFA Program, and the essential elements of a sustainable financial market. CFA candidate registration continues to see strong growth globally, with six of the top ten countries from the Asia Pacific region. Earning the CFA charter is the first step on a journey of lifelong learning and commitment to maintaining a high level of integrity. This commitment enhances the CFA charter and its reputation as a global gold standard,” said Dr. Ashvin P. Vibhakar, CFA, managing director of Asia Pacific Operations, CFA Institute. “The views and opinions of our experienced CFA charterholders shared in this career guide are valuable information to younger investment professionals who are committed to forging a meaningful career in the industry. We hope that as individuals discover more about the diverse Asia Pacific financial markets through this career guide, the information within will help them discover the passion in the ever-changing and fast-growing area of finance.”

Content of the CFA Institute Career Guide Asia Pacific includes:

  1. Feature articles in various financial disciplines, highlighting up-to-date industry trends and challenges practitioners encounter in the industry.

  2. Sharing insights with experienced CFA charterholders who hold senior positions in the industry, about opportunities and challenges, as well as advice for individuals who would like to pursue a career in investment.

  3. Articles providing career advice, covering interview techniques, “soft” skills and professional networking that help sustain one’s career.

  4. Regulators’ growing recognition and a closer look at the professional qualifications offered by the CFA Institute, which include the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and CIPM (Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement) credential programs.

The CFA Institute Career Guide Asia Pacific is available online ( and will be distributed to CFA Institute members, CFA candidates, universities, and financial companies in the region.


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