Coming Soon: Figaro's New Drinks

No, this is not a blind taste test but this one, we need to identify the taste and ingredients of Figaro's new drinks. We were given a sheet of paper and five sample drinks. What's this all about? Well, Figaro is launching five new drinks this month. What we did is a series of tasting and gave our comments on each drinks. How exciting, right?

I forgot to get the complete names of each drinks, let's wait for Figaro's official launch soon!

Sample #1 - Its a combination of Strawberry Milk tea with tapioca (sago) and black gulaman
It's too mild and I didn't taste the Straweberry :) the flavor should have a sour-sweet tandem

Sample #2 - Raspberry! but I didn't taste it. Yakult overpowered it. Again, It has pearls and black gulaman

Sample #3 - Taro Pudding - I didn't noticed it was pudding. I am concentrating on how Taro tasted. Somehow, I like it. I'm a big Taro fan.

Sample #4 - We were debating if this one is a lemonade or strawberry, until we found out its a Strawberry Lemon Ice Tea

Sample #5 - It's A Taro once again. A Taro chiller feast, a freezing taro with cornflakes on top together with pearls and pudding.

So, Here are the final products. Can't wait to see them on Figaro's menu.


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