Christmas Party Hangover: What to do?

Yes, it's party time! Having fun may leave into a hangover. Christmas get-togethers are endless, and unavoidable. What to do if you got invited and how to avoid christmas party hangover specially when you are at work?

1. Know the standards and behavior inside the venue. Sounds too strict but being informed and get updated on the details is important.

2. Don't get yourself drunk if you don't know how to transport yourself home safely.

3. Act responsibility on the things you do. Yes, making joke and fun is okay but make sure you are responsible for what you are saying.

4. Less Alcohol intake - I'm kidding  right? but we must know our limitation. Are you a social drinker? then, you know how to moderate your alchol intake.

5. Food preparation: All food are delicious, specially this Christmas. Sabi nga nila, may gamot naman? Its your decision if you're into it. Otherwise, be ready with the consequences.

6. Gifts? Don't expect if what you've written on the wish list will be given to you. We all wish to receive something valuable this Christmas. It's better to give than to receive (Old saying!)


These are just common reminders, I know this is one of the most important celebration.

And all of us must be happy. Stay away from troubles and Merry Christmas everyone!



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