Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo: My Houshusband, Ikaw na - Bloggers Conference

The third installment of Bloggers Conference for My Househusband: Ikaw Na was held last December 7 at Napa Restaurant in Scout Borromeo in Quezon City. The first installment happened last November 4 at Dulcinea Tomas Morato together with movie directory Joey Reyes and the Second with Eugene Domingo at Kenny Rogers in Katipunan last November 30.

I was really excited to see the couple because I am a great Ryan-Juday fan (hahaha). Since this is their comeback flick since Kasal, Kasali Kasalo and Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo and Everybody is looking forward for their next film. The bloggers waited a few minutes because the couple had to attend numerous interviews from the press people. The couple arrived at the room and the conversation started.

Bloggers were given a chance to ask their questions. Judy Ann and Ryan stated that they were happy that the film was offered to them. And excited working again as a couple, and some scenes were really 'close' to their personal experiences as a real husband and wife.

Ryan narrated how Rod took care of everything at home while Mia pursues her day job. Also he shared his own experiences working with Eugene Domingo and how he admired Eugene as a great person and inspired him to act more natural like her. Judy Ann also commented that she also loved working with Eugene. Juday felt she was the 'kontrabida' on this film (as Mia) because of her jealous feeling between Rod and Aida as BFF.

Yohan's Meaningful Christmas celebration: Ryan and Judy Ann shared Yohan's participation in the family's Christmas 'food-giving' to the less fortunate. Judy Ann convinced Yohan to sort some of her stuffs and sell it to their yard-sale. And, the money earned will be use in preparing the food and Yohan will be part of the food preparation and food giving.

On acting awards, the couple also said the most important is how will people will support the film. Ryan added, I'll leave it to the experts (he's pertaining to Judy Ann, Eugene and Direk Joey).

The couple thanked the bloggers (as the new media) and they were very happy to meet the bloggers. And,Congratulated everyone for choosing such kind of 'a new career'. And remain this 'gusto' (doing something with enthusiasm), and keep on writing stories online. And they're hoping to visit their blogs and meet again in the next projects.

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